Planetary gearbox is the perfect gearbox for marine applications, due to it’s advantages.

P.D.S Planetary Gearboxes are reliable and can operate in all climate conditions. Planetary gearbox is very efficient, it can produce high amount of torque despite it’s small size which makes it the ideal gearbox for marine applications. They meet the customers demands by offering a large variation of gear ratios and compatible with all types of hydraulic motors. Its versatility and reliability allows it to work in extreme conditions.

They are designed to work in applications where weight and space is limited such as; tower crane, aerial platform.
  • Deck hydraulic winches
  • Capstan
  • Drum
  • Drum
  • Salvage vessel

Common types of ships that marine applications require planetary gearbox are; ore carrier, warship, yatch, icebreaker, LASH, rescue vessel.